Pennsylvania regulators levy fines for nursing home neglect

Pennsylvania state regulators are still having an issue with the Trexler Park Manor nursing home. First, the problem involved a bedbug infestation. However, now that the bedbug problem has been resolved, regulators are continuing to express their concerns over the possibility of nursing home neglect.

At this time, the nursing home was only provided a provisional operational license, which it received on March 6. Inspectors refused to provide a normal operational license because they found issues with the care that certain residents were receiving, problems with upkeep of the facility's premises and problems with various safety protocols. According to a representative of the nursing home, the healthcare provider is aware of the issues, and they are working to correct them by the end of April.

In order to correct the bedbug infestation last December, residents were transported to a hotel, where they stayed for three days while the home was being treated. New furniture, beds and clothing were purchased for the residents and the debugging process cost the nursing home approximately $50,000. Also, approximately $33,000 in fines were levied against the home as a result of a November inspection, which showed that too many residents were living in the facility.

Ownership of the facility changed hands approximately one year ago. Much of the nursing home's problems have been blamed on the current owners. However, many of the problems have also been attributed to how it had been run by its prior owners.

This Pennsylvania nursing home is not the only senior living facility that has issues. Family members of those who are living in such facilities must take care to ensure that their mother, father or grandparent is being cared for properly. In the event that an individual has been injured in some fashion due to nursing home abuse or nursing home neglect, claims for restitution and justice can be pursued on behalf of victims in Pennsylvania court.

Source:, Trexler Park Manor personal care home issued provisional license from state., Paul Muschick, March 15, 2014