Nursing home abuse verdict nets family $1.2 million

A nursing home abuse case was decided last Friday in favor of the plaintiffs. A federal judge awarded the victim's family $1.2 million in restitution. Sadly, the 96-year-old victim did not live to benefit from the favorable award. Although this case happened out of state, numerous cases of nursing home abuse happen in Pennsylvania every year.

Hidden camera footage was used as evidence during the court proceedings. The video footage showed nurses abusing the plaintiffs' 96-year-old mother. It even showed them trying to stop her from breathing, according to a report.

The nursing home accused in the scandal has been ordered to pay the deceased woman's family $1.2 million relating to damages resulting from the abuse. A daughter of the woman said that it had been nearly three years since the beginning of the trial, which the siblings pursued in their mother's memory. She said that the opposing side's defense was full of mistruths and that she was happy with the outcome.

Any Pennsylvania family who is suffering from the ill effects of nursing home abuse knows how difficult it is to prove that a family member is being abused at a nursing home or other long-term care facility. However, this case is an excellent example of the fact that no one has to put up with elder abuse. Indeed, victims of nursing home abuse and their families can seek justice and restitution under the law. Through the successful pursuit of personal injury claims relating to nursing home abuse, victims can obtain both compensation and a sense of justice.

Source:, "Judge awards family $1.2 million in nursing home abuse case", Rick Maranon, Feb. 13, 2015