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Joan Rivers' daughter pursues medical malpractice claims

Pennsylvania readers may want to know that Joan Rivers' daughter is pursuing wrongful death claims against the medical services providers who she claims negligently caused her mother's death. A procedure performed on the comedian was supposed to be a routine endoscopy, but complications resulted in the middle of the procedure. Tragically, those complications later proved to be fatal. The daughter is citing medical malpractice in her claims.

According to the comedian's daughter, it was difficult for her to reach the decision to pursue a wrongful death action. However, she said that the tragedy her family has endured so far is worse than what any family should ever be subjected to. She says that the medical center and doctors' outrageous behavior, medical mismanagement, disrespect and incompetence have left her in a state of shock.

Joan Rivers was a famous and respected comedian who appeared on late-night TV and often appeared alongside her daughter on television. Rivers died as a result of therapeutic complications related to an endoscopy procedure. According to reports, the comedian stopped breathing during the procedure and suffered severe and fatal brain damage resulting from the deprivation of oxygen.

The case of Joan Rivers' death is tragic, and if the daughter's medical malpractice claims are true, it is very unfortunate that this much-loved woman's life came to such an end so unnecessarily. This case is not so different from the many cases of medical malpractice that have occurred in Pennsylvania. In some of these cases, family members fought in court for justice, just like Rivers' daughter is trying to do. In a medical malpractice case, if a successful result is achieved, family members may be able to secure compensation to pay for end-of-life expenses, lost earning potential, pain and suffering, and a wide variety of other kinds of damages.

Source:, "Lawyers: Daughter sues Joan Rivers' doctors for medical malpractice", Jan. 27, 2015

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