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Disturbing case illustrates risk of nursing home abuse

A recent case is making headlines across the nation, and many Pennsylvania readers will find the details to be unpalatable, at best. A man has been charged with sex crimes in relation to nursing home abuse. He faces six counts of the crime of soliciting to commit sexual assault. While it appears that no senior citizens were harmed as a result of his actions, what he was trying to accomplish is disturbing, especially to families who have a loved one in residential care.

Authorities claim that the 26-year-old man was an employee at a nursing home where the incidents took place. He is accused of attempting to convince people to come into the nursing home and have sex with patients who suffer from memory issues. He allegedly wanted the individuals to tape their encounters with the residents and hand those recordings over to the man.

Police say that the worker allowed multiple people to come into the nursing home where he was employed for the purpose of committing sexual assault upon the residents. A statement has been released to say that none of the residents were harmed, and that they were able to defend themselves against their attackers. The man has reportedly worked at as many as five different nursing homes in the area. It is unclear whether police are looking into whether he may have undertaken similar efforts at those facilities.

The details of this case are deeply disturbing, and they are not presented here for any purpose other to inform Pennsylvania families of the dangers that their loved ones can face while living in long-term care facilities. Nursing home abuse can take a number of forms, and it is important that family members are aware of the risks. This allows them to remain on guard for any sign that something may be amiss at the facility where their loved one lives. If abuse is taking place, it is important to report the incident to the authorities, and to look into the available avenues of legal recourse.

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