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Toddler's death could be case of medical malpractice

When people in Pennsylvania become parents, they often live with the fear that something terrible will happen to their children. They often go to great lengths to ensure safety. However, parents expect that leaving their children in the care of experienced medical professionals is safe. One out-of-state family, however, is now coping with the tragic death of their young child in what could be a case of medical malpractice.

The incident involved a 3-year-old girl. Her father says that the child was being put under anesthesia in order to have what he described as routine dental work performed. The procedures included extractions, crowns and treating cavities. However, the family became concerned when the procedures ran over an hour longer than scheduled.

When they checked on their daughter's progress, they were reportedly told that there were no problems, but emergency personnel responded to the scene just 30 minutes later. Although advanced life support care was given, the girl was pronounced dead at the hospital. The incident is currently under investigation but the results likely will not be available for some months.

It is hard to imagine the grief this family is experiencing as a result of their tragic and unexpected loss. If the young girl's death was caused by medical malpractice, her family has the option of seeking justice in a civil court just as many families in Pennsylvania have done. While a successfully presented case will likely do little to alleviate their grief, it could provide them with a sense of closure and justice as well as help with the financial ramifications of their loss, such as funeral expenses.

Source: People, "3-Year-Old Dies After Complications During 'Normal' Dental Procedure: 'I Kissed Her on Her Head and That Was It,' Says Dad", Rose Minutaglio, July 20, 2016

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