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Citations issued following investigation into nursing home abuse

Those who require care at a nursing home facility in Pennsylvania are often sometimes unable to be their own advocate. Due to mental and physical conditions, some are left unable to communicate. As a result, some say that hidden video cameras are starting to play an increasingly helpful role in detecting nursing home abuse. Such technology reportedly helped identify instances of such abuse at an out-of-state facility.

Concerns were initially raised by the daughter of one of the victims. She reportedly questioned staff about unexplained cuts and bruises that appeared on the face of her 85-year-old father. A state report claims that she was not given a reasonable explanation for the injuries. Hidden cameras were installed as a result of these concerns.

Footage reportedly shows one worker punching an elderly man in the stomach while aiding him with incontinence issues. A second worker allegedly failed to report the abuse. Additional abuses were also recorded, resulting in citations against five employees and the nursing home. Two employees also faced criminal charges. Several others were fired for failing to report the abuse and using their cellphones while inside patient rooms.

When the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is made, family members do so thinking that they are making the most appropriate decision for their loved one's well-being. Unfortunately, some nursing home residents in Pennsylvania become victims of nursing home abuse. Victims and their family members do have options for legal recourse. A conversation with an attorney with experience with elder law can help those affected better understand these options.

Source:, "New Hope nursing home cited for brutal assault caught on video", Chris Serres, March 18, 2016

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