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Lawsuit alleges nursing home neglect caused woman's death

There are many long-term care facilities in Pennsylvania and across the country that provide excellent care to their patients. Unfortunately, there are also those who are guilty of nursing home neglect. Such negligence can have serious consequences for patients, sometimes even resulting in deaths. In fact, one out-of-state man claims that negligence resulted in his wife's death.

The man recently filed a lawsuit against the long-term care center. According to court papers, his wife was a resident of the facility for several months in 2014 to undergo rehabilitation. However, he claims that the staff's neglected duties resulted in pressure sores.

He claims that his wife died in 2015 as a result of sepsis she suffered because of the pressures sores. His lawsuit alleges that the facility not only failed to monitor his wife appropriately but also provided inadequate medical care. The lawsuit is seeking over $50,000 in damages and a jury trial.

Many families in Pennsylvania have placed their loved ones in such facilities with the expectation that they will receive better care there than the families themselves could provide. However, many victims of nursing home abuse often suffer as a result of negligence on the part of the nursing homes. By filing lawsuits, as this man has done, families can potentially ensure that others do not suffer similarly in the future. Additionally, verdicts in their favor could help these families cope with the expenses associated with nursing home neglect, including additional medical treatment and funeral expenses if the neglect results in patients' deaths.

Source:, "Husband accuses Joliet long-term care facility of wrongful death", May 6, 2016

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