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Felony charges following allegations of nursing home abuse

Nursing home facilities in Pennsylvania have important responsibilities to their residents. In addition to ensuring that their medical needs are met, the facilities must ensure that staff are truly acting in the best interests of the patients. Unfortunately, an employee of a special care facility in another state now faces criminal charges arising from allegations of nursing home abuse.

All of the alleged victims in the case suffered some sort of traumatic brain injury, resulting in their treatment at the facility that employed the man. The 50-year-old male defendant worked as a counselor at the Northeast Center for Special Care. He now faces over 30 counts related to his alleged treatment of six residents at the facility.

According to reports, the man used his position to access the patients and to perform sexual acts forcibly. The abuse is said to have taken place from July 2014 to Feb. 2015. He was suspended once the allegations were made and has since been fired from his position. Charges against him include sexual abuse, criminal sexual acts and predatory sexual assault.

The families of the alleged victims are likely horrified about the crimes the man is said to have committed. They likely had faith in the facility that it would protect their loved one while living there. Unfortunately, these criminal charges make it appear that this was not the case. Because of the potential long-term implications of such abuse -- not to mention the potential costs of moving a patient as a result, if necessary -- many in Pennsylvania who have had a loved one who suffered similarly seek to hold the facility accountable following nursing home abuse allegations by filing a civil suit.

Source:, "Former nursing home counselor indicted on sexual abuse charges", Aug. 18, 2016

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