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Couple files malpractice suit for alleged hospital negligence

Pennsylvania residents usually place inherent faith in those whom they entrust with their medical care. While it is not a common occurrence, one incident of hospital negligence can have life-long repercussions. One such alleged incident resulted in the loss of a patient's limb.

The man stated that a care provider did not follow accepted standards of care for his particular ailment, and he suffered from worsening afflictions as a result. After a succession of more serious complications, the man was forced to undergo a surgical procedure to remove his leg just below his right knee. He and his spouse have now filed a malpractice claim against the hospital that employed the doctor who treated the man.

The civil suit is claiming that, as a result of the unplanned amputation, the victim is no longer capable of obtaining employment. He is also seeking compensation for the physical pain and emotional distress that he has suffered as a result of this irreversible and possibly avoidable procedure. His wife is further claiming loss of consortium.

The malpractice civil suit also requests the payment of all associated costs in addition to the requested compensation for the relief of the economic suffering that the couple will endure as a result of the doctor's alleged failure to properly treat the man's initial health complaint. The civil suit was only recently filed, and as such, no court date has been set for the jury trial the couple has stipulated in their filing. Any Pennsylvania resident who feels they or a loved one has been a victim of hospital negligence, which has resulted in the victim suffering physical or economic harm, can seek information concerning the filing of a similar civil suit in an effort to recover the monetary damages they may have sustained.

Source:, "Couple claims Preston Memorial's negligence resulted in amputation", Philip Gonzales, Feb. 10, 2017

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