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Woodland Hills Student Sues School District for Head-Butting Injuries

When institutions unfairly single you out for any reason, it can constitute a violation of your civil rights. That’s exactly what happened to one of our young clients in Woodland Hills, who had been violently head-butted by his substitute teacher, Richard Novak.

At Robert Peirce & Associates, P.C., our Pittsburgh civil rights lawyers have made it our mission to help people find justice in the face of discrimination and unfair targeting of any kind. In this particular example, we were compelled to take on this young student’s case, to ensure he gets compensation for his injuries.

About the Case: Violent Disregard for a Student’s Rights

According to our client, he had been selected completely at random by the frustrated Mr. Novak, who was attempting to get an unruly class under control. In his anger and frustration, Mr. Novak head-butted our client, throwing him into the wall directly behind him in the process.

Suffering from severe concussion, memory loss, and chronic headaches, our client chose to bring a civil lawsuit against the Woodland Hills School District, as the institution was responsible for bringing Mr. Novak into the facilities. As a form of brain injury, even a mild concussion has the potential to leave lasting scars, especially for individuals under 18 years old. Our client will most likely deal with impaired memory function and emotional trauma for a long time to come.

Mr. Novak is also facing a criminal simple assault charge, which is considered a misdemeanor in Pennsylvania.

Representing Students Against Unfair Treatment

Because teachers are technically public servants, any lawsuits against specific teachers must be brought against the school system itself, which can be difficult. However, our Pittsburgh attorneys are more than up to the task, with over 36 years of legal experience on our side. Our skilled and supportive lawyers are committed to hearing our client’s stories and then forming the best possible legal strategy for their case – and our track record shows that we can get results.

If you need help with a similar case, don’t hesitate to call Robert Peirce & Associates, P.C. Offering powerful advocacy for those who need it most, you can rest assured that we’ll fight for maximum compensation when your rights are violated. Call us at (844) 383-0565 for a free consultation.

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