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Robert Peirce & Associates, P.C. Files Lawsuit On Behalf of Tenant After Apartment Fire

Our firm, Robert Peirce & Associates, P.C., has filed a lawsuit against an apartment building owner, Major Rainey, and A&M Real Estate of Pittsburgh LLC on behalf of a former tenant, Alan Polk, who was devastatingly injured during a 4-alarm fire in 2017. Attorney Michael Gianantonio is proud to represent Mr. Polk in what we allege is a severe case of negligence, one that will tragically impact Mr. Polk as long as he lives. As a result of a catastrophic fire on June 4, 2017, our client awoke to find his residence, an A&M apartment building, entirely devoured by flames. He was rendered completely trapped, unable to escape the all-consuming fire and alleges that even a Pittsburgh firefighter’s attempts to evacuate him proved disastrous.

According to Mr. Polk, both he and the firefighter fell through the damaged floor. As a result of significant smoke inhalation and other injuries he sustained from both the fire and the fall, our client was placed into a medically induced coma. Since the incident, Mr. Polk contends he now suffers from a number of distressing and harmful injuries, including brain damage and psychological trauma. He claims on the night of the fire, there were no operational fire alarms or smoke detectors in the building. Mr. Polk also alleges the building did not have a valid certificate of occupancy when the fire occurred.

Apartment building owners and landlords have crucial obligations for the protection of tenants who live under their duty of care. It is illegal for any building to not comply with up-to-date fire department codes and in the event of an injury such as Mr. Polk’s, the responsible parties must be held legally and financially accountable. Our tenacious legal team is prepared to go above and beyond to mitigate the trauma and suffering that Mr. Polk has endured as we feel he is more than entitled to the compensation he is seeking in this lawsuit.  

For further developments and additional details regarding this case, click here.

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