Financial Services Class Actions

Far too many banks view customers not as people but as profit centers. In that topsy-turvy world, bad things can happen - including the 2016 scandal at Wells Fargo.

At Wells Fargo, employees were under pressure of being fired unless they met virtually impossible quotas to keep selling more products to existing customers. Facing this pressure, employees opened millions of fraudulent accounts without customers' knowledge.

At Robert Peirce & Associates, in Pittsburgh, our attorneys are committed to helping people injured by the wrongful actions of financial services companies. If you have been harmed by the fraudulent actions of Wells Fargo or any firm, give us a call to learn more about possibly being included in a class-action lawsuit to hold the offending company accountable.

What Can You Do To Challenge Wrongdoing By Banks?

Scandals like the one at Wells Fargo tend to dominate the news for a while, and then fade away. But Wells Fargo is not unique. Many other banks use the same types of high-pressure tactics to force employees to defraud customers in order to meet unreasonable sales goals.

Fraudulent behavior by financial institutions can include anything from opening false accounts to rearranging debit charges to maximize overdraft fees.

What can you do to stick up for your rights and force companies that mislead customers to change their ways? One thing you can do is explore our options for participating in a class-action lawsuit.

Take Action

If you think you may have been the victim of a banking scandal or other wrongdoing by a financial institution, it makes sense to discuss your situation with an attorney who is knowledgeable about these cases. You can reach our firm at 866-273-1941 or complete the online form to tell us about your case.