Pittsburgh Lawyers For Marcellus Shale Property Damage

From offices in Pittsburgh, our law firm can represent landowners involved in leasing disputes and property damage lawsuits in the Marcellus Shale region. We can also provide legal guidance to clients entering lease agreements with gas and energy companies, with the aim of avoiding conflicts and litigation down the road. If you are currently considering a lease offer, it is imperative to consult an attorney to protect your interests.

At Robert Peirce & Associates, P.C., our legal professionals have a proven record of success, and we are dedicated to the unwavering support of our clients. Our attorneys take great pride in helping people, workers and families throughout the region find their legal voice and fight back.

Pennsylvania Leasing Lawyers

With little information and experience in natural gas leasing, landowners typically have the disadvantage when negotiating the terms of a natural gas lease. Energy companies can easily take advantage of landowners.

To ensure you receive fair market value for the use of your land, and to protect yourself in the event of property damage or personal injury, contact our experienced attorneys.

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For a full case evaluation, contact a Pittsburgh Marcellus Shale property damage attorney by phone at 866-273-1941 or schedule an initial consultation through our convenient online form. If a negligent company is responsible for damaging your land or breaching the terms of a lease, we will help you recover the compensation you are owed.