Nursing Home Abuse By Staffs And Other Residents

Fighting Against Nursing Home Staff and Resident Abuse

You rely on a nursing home to provide a healthy and safe environment for your loved one, and abuse from a staff member or other resident should not be tolerated.

As one of the first Pennsylvania law firms to make nursing home abuse a priority in our practice, we have built a strong reputation for reliable, experienced and effective representation. We help individuals and families take a stand against incidents of nursing home abuse, neglect or malpractice.

When You Suspect Abuse

Mistreatment may not be a direct result of staff, and often the person causing abuse is another resident, but that doesn't absolve the nursing home facility of its responsibility to foster and maintain a safe and abuse-free environment for your loved one. It may not always be easy to tell whether there is a problem, but if you suspect mistreatment is happening, you can take action.

Our lawyers work from our office in Pittsburgh with families in Western Pennsylvania as well as parts of Ohio and West Virginia to expose all kinds of mistreatment, including:

  • Physical assault
  • Pushing or aggressive handling
  • Sexual assault
  • Verbal and emotional abuse
  • Neglect

The signs of abuse can be subtle. Often, it begins with just the feeling that something is wrong, that your loved one seems different or fearful to be around certain people. Other times, evidence of mistreatment and negligence is more obvious including bed sores or even broken bones.

Our attorneys have experience dealing with these cases, and we have proven strategies to uncover and fight against all kinds of abuse. We know how to look for the signs of abuse, and we know how to hold the right people responsible for the pain, humiliation and damage they cause.

Put Experience Behind You

We have long been a champion for nursing home abuse cases, and we are proud to have helped hundreds of people find solutions. To schedule a free consultation and case review, call our office at 866-273-1941 or reach us online.

You pay no attorney's fees unless we recover compensation for you.