Nursing Home Staffing Issues

Problem Number One

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Lawsuits in Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio

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Profits at the Price of Care

Staffing problems in nursing homes and personal care residences are the inevitable result of one thing: the drive to increase corporate profits. Unfortunately, there is simply no other way to describe it. What is crass, is the cavalier way in which the corporations go about their business and structure themselves in such a way as to thwart many claims against them.

Our firm is committed to fighting these corporate giants and the various types of abuse and neglect they foster. We have been for some time and we will continue to be for as long as this problem exists.

Common Nursing Home Staffing Issues

While understaffing is certainly the number one problem in the industry, and the one responsible for most forms of abuse and neglect, it is not the only issue. Some facilities do a very poor job of screening prospective employees and expose their residents to predatory personalities who steal from or abuse them in other ways. Others provide very little training or inadequate training to their staff, leading to a lack of care. In addition, most facilities pay poor wages to their workers. This leads to high turnover rates, excessive absenteeism, inadequate supervision and an overall reduction in quality of care.

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