Negligent Security Leading to Sexual Assault

Sadly, it is people with mental disabilities, children and the elderly who fall victim to physical and sexual abuse most often. Reports of abuse in facilities like nursing homes, schools and group homes are on the rise.

At Robert Peirce & Associates, P.C., we fight for the injured, the mistreated and the abused. We work to break through the barriers that companies put up to protect themselves, and hold individuals accountable for the pain, suffering and damage they cause. If your loved one is a victim of abuse or mistreatment, let us help you pursue justice and the financial compensation you deserve.

Pennsylvania Sexual Assault Attorneys

Sexual assault on service busses and in nursing homes and facilities for the mentally disabled is easily preventable with appropriate security, training and surveillance. If you suspect that your loved one has suffered abuse because of negligent security, our lawyers can review your case, and provide clear and effective guidance. We will work to recover damages and hold the right people responsible.

Helping Victims of Abuse and Neglect

To discuss your concerns about an incident of abuse or neglect with a Pittsburgh negligent security attorney, call 866-273-1941 or contact us online. Schedule a consultation today and find out how we can help prevent future acts of abuse. We offer free initial consultations and bill on a contingency fee basis. You will only be asked to reimburse us for costs and fees if we are successful for you.