Why Do You Need a Lawyer for SSD Claims?

While you are not required to work with a lawyer on your Social Security Disability Insurance/Supplemental Security Income (SSDI/SSI) claim, it is highly recommended. Statistics show that people who do not have a lawyer at their SSDI/SSI hearing have their claims denied more often than those who are working with an attorney.

Why risk losing the SSDI or SSI benefits you need? We make the process much easier for clients, handling the details for them. Your lawyer will ensure that all medical information is gathered and all deadlines are met. You will feel prepared for the next step knowing that you have an advocate working for you.

Take advantage of our free initial consultation. At a minimum, you will leave that consultation better informed and better able to handle your own claim. To schedule yours, simply call 866-273-1941 or contact our Pittsburgh law offices today.

SSDI/SSI Mistakes People Make Without an Attorney's Counsel

When people attempt to obtain Social Security Disability Insurance/Supplemental Security Income benefits without working with a lawyer, they often make critical errors that negatively affect the outcome of their case. Typical mistakes we have seen include:

  • Not including the necessary medical information and doctor's reports
  • Not including all of your physical and mental conditions on your application
  • Not accurately reporting your work history and ability
  • Missing deadlines
  • Not realizing they can appeal a denial
  • Not completing the forms correctly
  • Not applying for the appropriate type of benefits (SSDI versus SSI)
  • Misunderstanding your eligibility for SSDI, especially regarding number of quarters worked
  • Not knowing how to prepare for a hearing
  • Not knowing what to say at a hearing

These are just a few examples of errors committed during the SSDI/SSI application and appeals process. All of these mistakes can be avoided if you have an attorney guiding you through each step and handling much of the work for you.

How Our Experienced Attorneys Can Help Handle Your Disability Claim

There are a number of excellent reasons to hire an attorney for your SSDI or SSI claim. As a firm, we assist our clients in the following ways:

  • Gathering the appropriate medical records, work history information and other evidence required
  • Evaluating, assessing and ordering the evidence to build the strongest possible case
  • Working to secure an award of benefits without a hearing, when appropriate
  • Preparing you and supportive witnesses to testify; conducting thorough cross-examinations of other medical and vocational experts who have been asked to testify
  • Providing representation in all administrative hearings
  • Focusing the case and the attention of the administrative law judge on the key facts that support your claim
  • Making certain that the Social Security Administration calculates your benefits correctly if your claim is approved

Social Security Disability Appeals Mean You Don't Have to Give Up

Has your initial claim for Social Security Disability Insurance been denied? The majority of initial SSDI/SSI claims are denied. This does not mean that you should assume your claim isn't valid. Many valid claims are denied at the initial application stage and at reconsideration. We can review your claim and discuss your options with you.

Many of our clients come to us after their claims have been denied wondering if there is anything they can do. Fortunately, the answer is yes. With our help, we can appeal your denial and build a solid case in order to get you the money you need to move forward in your life.

It is important to keep in mind that there are strict time limits on your right to appeal a case. Contact an experienced lawyer at our law firm to learn what you need to do in order to make sure your rights are protected. Whether you have been denied SSDI or SSI benefits, we can help.

We Advance All Costs and You Pay Nothing Unless Your Claim Is Approved

For more than 20 years, the attorneys at Robert Peirce & Associates, P.C., have been helping people in Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and northern West Virginia to apply for and obtain SSDI and SSI disability benefits. Contact us online or call our Pittsburgh law offices directly and schedule your free consultation today.