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April 2013 Archives

Up to 160,000 patients misdiagnosed in U.S. each year

A new report about medical malpractice in the U.S. suggests that as many as 160,000 people's medical conditions are misdiagnosed each year. This has led to nearly $39 billion in medical malpractice payouts in Pennsylvania and across the country. Incidents of misdiagnosis are often preventable and can cause needless suffering in many older patients.

Nursing homes examined in a federal report

The federal 2009 report from the General Accounting Office assessed nursing homes on many factors, including staffing levels, bed sore prevention, abuse and neglect prevention and other care-based issues. Facilities that were marked as the poorest performing homes averaged a 46 percent greater number of deficiencies that harmed residents when compared to other care centers.

Surgical robots can malfunction, injure patients in Pittsburgh

In recent years, the use of robotic equipment in surgery has skyrocketed in Pittsburgh and across the country. Manufacturers and many surgeons say that the devices are safe alternatives for patients because they are less tiring for doctors and provide steadier maneuvers than human hands. The maker of the da Vinci, a robotic surgical arm, says that there were 367,000 operations involving a robotic instrument in 2012, more than double the number in 2008. They have become common instruments for use in prostate removal, which is a common operation among older men, and hysterectomies.

Government considering reduction of veterans' benefits

A measure to reduce the amount of disability benefits paid to veterans in the future has many veterans worried that they are being asked to sacrifice for their country -- after already risking their lives in the military. The measure, endorsed by the White House, would tie future increases in veterans' benefits to a different, more conservative way of measuring inflation, leading to an estimated $340 billion in reduced benefits over the next 10 years.

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