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November 2013 Archives

Pennsylvania veterans suffered medical malpractice at VA hospital

Pennsylvania residents who have served in the U.S. military take great pride in defending the country we love. This often means putting their lives on the line for the good of the country, with no questions asked. Not only do these heroes often risk their lives in a war zone, but it has now been discovered that doctors may not be protecting their lives to the full extent at some VA hospitals. Many claims of medical malpractice at VA hospitals have ended in the death of U.S. military personnel, and the public is wondering why -- considering that much of the money paid in taxes goes to settling claims of medical malpractice.

Pennsylvania woman sues psychiatrist for medical malpractice

Residents of Pennsylvania see psychiatrists daily for issues with depression or other mental illnesses, but no one thinks their experience will end in a medical malpractice claim. Psychiatrists are often helpful because counseling, in addition to medication, can greatly reduce the negative feelings a person suffering from mental illness has; unfortunately, however, sometimes psychiatrists are no help at all. A woman is now suing a psychiatrist for medical malpractice after alleging that her husband was not treated properly for his mental illness, which ultimately led to his suicide.

Medical malpractice victim's family: $14.2 million settlement

The average Pennsylvania resident who goes to the hospital to be treated expects to have excellent medical care. Nobody thinks they will experience negligence by a doctor who has taken an oath to protect them. Fortunately for those who have been victims of hospital negligence, medical malpractice or misdiagnosis, there are options. This is just the case after a man lost his life at the hands of a doctor almost 10 years ago and his family just received the closure they needed.

Are Pennsylvania doctors covering up hospital negligence?

Medical errors are on the list for the third leading cause of deaths in the United States. Over 400,000 patients have died each year in Pennsylvania and elsewhere due to hospital negligence. One of the biggest problems with these mistakes are doctors, and their coworkers, not taking accountability for their own actions.

Pennsylvania disability residents facing food stamp cuts

Facing a long term disability can be daunting, especially without the financial resources to cover living expenses and medical bills. If a long term disability completely prevents one from working, that presents an even bigger burden. Some government-sponsored programs are equipped to help individuals coping with a disability, but cutting the funding of those programs often undermines their effectiveness.

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