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Medical malpractice victim's family: $14.2 million settlement

The average Pennsylvania resident who goes to the hospital to be treated expects to have excellent medical care. Nobody thinks they will experience negligence by a doctor who has taken an oath to protect them. Fortunately for those who have been victims of hospital negligence, medical malpractice or misdiagnosis, there are options. This is just the case after a man lost his life at the hands of a doctor almost 10 years ago and his family just received the closure they needed.

The 24-year-old man apparently went to a Pennsylvania hospital where he was diagnosed either with an abscess or a brain tumor. He was transferred to a nearby hospital for further testing and treatment options. A surgery was set for four days after his arrival, but he did not make it that far.

The night before his surgery, he reportedly had to be placed on life support after a nurse noticed his condition was deteriorating. The nurse said she saw his pupils dilating, and since he was in the hospital awaiting brain surgery, she knew this was an indication of the man's brain swelling. She called the man's neurosurgeon because she knew he needed emergency surgery to relieve the pressure, but the doctor never came to the hospital or asked a colleague to perform the treatment he needed. The man unfortunately did not survive the night.

When the family originally sued the hospital, the judge ordered a $2.5 million settlement. The family did not believe that was enough and appealed the case. The second time they were in court, the family begged to take into consideration the future earnings the 24-year-old could have made at his job, had he not passed away. The judge then ordered a $10 million settlement, but after the hospital attempted to delay the settlement owed to the family, the settlement was raised to $13 million.

After almost a decade of Pennsylvania court battles, with interest, the family has been ordered a $14.2 million settlement for medical malpractice. The family made a wise decision in their own case and did not stay quiet about this man's wrongful death. Although no amount of money will bring this man back, it is clear that it can help with unexpected expenses that victim's families face as a result of death by medical malpractice.

Source: UPI, UPMC Shadyside must pay $14.2 million malpractice award, No Author, Nov. 5, 2013

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