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January 2014 Archives

Hospital negligence proved in Pennsylvania nurses case

A young girl who suffers from cerebral palsy was recently awarded over $32 million. In 2009, the child's mother went into labor, but complications arose when the baby's heart rate dropped. The award stems from a lawsuit claiming two Pennsylvania nurses committed hospital negligence that caused the child's injuries.

Lawsuit claims that pressure ulcers killed nursing home patient

In Pennsylvania and elsewhere, nursing homes have the responsibility of providing the highest level of patient care. This includes doing whatever is necessary to make patients comfortable as well as trying to prevent any wounds or ailments from developing while a patient is in their care. In a current out-of-state case, a family is alleging that the death of their loved one at a nursing home is due to the staff's failure to prevent and treat pressure ulcers.

Nursing home neglect takes many forms in Pennsylvania

For Pennsylvania readers, nothing may be more important than protecting the safety and security of their elderly loved ones. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect is a serious problem across our state and elsewhere, and it may be beneficial for our readers to be aware of some of the signs that may point to neglect or abuse. According to one adult protective services worker, there are numerous forms of neglect or abuse that families can be on the lookout for.

$55 million medical malpractice payout from Pennsylvania hospital

Birth can be a difficult and stressful thing for any Pennsylvania mother. Thankfully, modern science has greatly lessened the impact and stress that labor and birth can cause a woman. In the past before hospitals and this modern science came to be, there was often tragedy as a result of lack of medical care. Although women are now at a great advantage when giving birth, lack of attention from doctors or hospital staff can lead to the same negative outcomes women had to face long ago. A woman has sued a Pennsylvania hospital for medical malpractice after her son was severely injured during birth, in one of these apparent cases of lack of attention by doctors.

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