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April 2014 Archives

Man gets nearly $4 million medical malpractice jury verdict

Pennsylvania readers may have heard about the man who recently achieved a medical malpractice jury verdict of just under $4 million. He filed the medical malpractice claim after undergoing an unnecessary surgery. According to the lawsuit, the man was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis and advised to have surgery that involved the removal of his thymus.

Expediting the Social Security Disability process

For some individuals, who need Social Security Disability benefits immediately, it may be possible to expedite the process down to a matter of days. In the past, it was not unheard of for sick Americans to die before they could gain approval for their Social Security Disability claim. Now, certain applicants in Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation who have severe medical conditions may be able to qualify within just 15 days.

Conference held to educate lawyers on veterans' benefits issues

United States Senator Mark Warner recently gave a keynote address at the National Conference on Law Clinics Serving Veterans in order to bring more awareness to veterans' issues. The lawmaker addressed the fact that numerous veterans are returning to the United States after serving in overseas wars and will then require legal assistance to get their veterans' benefits. The free program lasted for two days and was held not far from Pittsburgh in our nation's capital. Law school deans and law school faculty members with veterans' benefits specialties were encouraged to attend.

Hidden camera reveals blatant nursing home abuse

A hidden camera has led to 10 nursing home workers being charged. It appears that the nursing home in question is fraught with problems relating to neglect, failure to administer medication and falsification of patient care records. Nursing home abuse and neglect like this is something that many Pennsylvania residents deal with every single day; however, without the ability to report such abuse, many residents of nursing care facilities never get the proper care they deserve.

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