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June 2014 Archives

Nursing home neglect suit over patient bed sores

Nursing home neglect is a continuing issue faced by numerous Pennsylvania residents. The most unfortunate aspect of nursing home neglect, however, is the fact that much of it goes unreported. For this reason, family members and friends of those living in nursing homes may want to keep an eye on the care that their loved one is receiving.

When will the Social Security Disability Fund become insolvent?

Most expect that Social Security’s Old Age and Survivors Insurance fund will have enough money to finance retirement benefits for another 20 years. However, the Social Security Disability Insurance fund may not have enough money to last another two years. Indeed, many believe that Social Security Disability will become insolvent before December 2016. Unless the insolvency problems are resolved, numerous Pennsylvania residents could suffer from benefit cuts.

Victim of malnutrition and other elder abuse dies in nursing home

A 70-year-old woman recently died in a nursing home because she was worried about going back to her home. Only months before her death, her daughter and the boyfriend of her daughter were convicted of exploiting, physically abusing and neglecting her, resulting in malnutrition and other health issues. This case occurred in a state next door to Pennsylvania; however, cases of elderly abuse, including nursing home abuse and other forms of exploitation of the elderly, are common in this state and elsewhere.

How long has Social Security Disability been around?

The beginning of our nation's Social Security system dates back to the Social Security Act of 1935. This act allowed for unemployment compensation and other benefits for workers in Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation at the time it was signed into law. However, in consideration of what we currently refer to as Social Security today, the original act only covered retirement benefits, which began at the age of 65. Social Security Disability and survivor benefits came in later amendments.

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