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November 2014 Archives

Is your loved one suffering from bed sores at a nursing home?

We can neglect our cars and our houses, and we can neglect our job duties. Perhaps, this kind of neglect is forgivable, but when we neglect other human beings, it is completely inappropriate and wrong -- especially when it is our express responsibility to care for them. Unfortunately, this type of neglect happens every single day in nursing homes in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation. Falling accidents, bed sores, emotional abuse, pressure ulcers and dehydration are just some of the many injurious -- and often fatal -- results of nursing home neglect.

Government makes $2 billion in SSI and SSD mistakes

According to a recently published report, the Social Security administration has paid out benefits to 25,000 people who allegedly had no right to receive them. The inappropriately approved claims have resulted in $2 billion in Social Security payment losses. Millions of Americans in Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation rely on income from the Social Security Administration -- whether it be Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability (SSD) or some other kind of government benefits -- to meet their daily living expenses.

Worried about nursing home abuse, watch for some of these signs

Making the decision to place a family member in a nursing home can be heart-wrenching. Ideally, this wouldn't be a necessity, but due to the level of care some individuals require, seeking help from trained medical professionals may be the best option. Those preparing for this step take care in picking a facility they feel will best suit their family member's needs and provide the highest level of care. While there are many great long-term care facilities in Pennsylvania, the idea of nursing home abuse is certainly a valid concern.

Pennsylvania man struggles to obtain veterans' benefits

No one ever said that life is easy for veterans. One 60-year-old Pennsylvania veteran who is currently on disability-forced retirement is having a particularly rough time with his veterans' benefits. He says that he is trying to navigate a never-ending dispute about his hospital bills, which has put him in a serious financial bind.

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