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February 2016 Archives

Court closes facility due to nursing home neglect

Many families in Pennsylvania have elderly loved ones that require a great deal of medical care. While these families want nothing more than to provide this care themselves, in their homes, they often find themselves unable to meet their loved ones' needs. As a result, they make the difficult decisions to place their family members in nursing homes. While they expect their loved ones will receive quality care, many end up being victims of nursing home neglect. Patients in one out-of-state facility will be moved after the government decided to stop Medicaid and Medicare payments due to neglect.

Jury rules delayed diagnosis caused significant harm

Because of the complexities of treating a patient, doctors and other medical care professionals must go through a great deal of training. This training should help them more accurately diagnose and treat their patients because a delayed diagnosis could cause significant harm to families in Pennsylvania. One out-of-state father has recently sued the hospital, claiming that it failed to diagnose the serious bacterial infection from which his son was suffering.

Man pleads guilty in nursing home abuse case

Families in Pennsylvania often face difficult decisions in regards to the care of their aging loved ones. While most would prefer to keep them at home, their medical needs often become more than a person or family can manage. As a result, they make the decision to put them in a nursing home, likely feeling that their family member will receive better care in such a facility. Unfortunately, instances of nursing home abuse can sometimes place residents at risk. For example, one out-of-state man has recently pleaded guilty to charges that he sexually assaulted an elderly woman in a nursing home facility.

Disturbing case illustrates risk of nursing home abuse

A recent case is making headlines across the nation, and many Pennsylvania readers will find the details to be unpalatable, at best. A man has been charged with sex crimes in relation to nursing home abuse. He faces six counts of the crime of soliciting to commit sexual assault. While it appears that no senior citizens were harmed as a result of his actions, what he was trying to accomplish is disturbing, especially to families who have a loved one in residential care.

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