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April 2016 Archives

Prevalence of nursing home abuse and neglect alarming

As people age, they can sometimes become unable to properly care for themselves. This, combined with increasing medical needs, leads many families in Pennsylvania to place their loved ones in nursing homes, expecting that the residential facilities will provide the care that they cannot. Unfortunately, some statistics indicate that nursing home abuse is an issue for many patients.

Surgical error causes woman lasting pain

There are few people in Pennsylvania who want to undergo surgery. Despite their reluctance, many ultimately go under the knife in order to pursue an end result that they are hopeful will result in an overall improvement to their quality of life. Unfortunately, one woman claims that a surgical error actually caused her severe pain. Although a subsequent surgery lessened her suffering, she will likely experience it for the rest of her life.

Nursing home fined following two falling accidents

Nursing homes in Pennsylvania and across the country have a responsibility to protect the residents who live there. In addition to providing appropriate medical care -- or to send them to the hospital if the care required is beyond their capabilities -- they are also responsible for keeping them safe from falls, for example. Because they have this responsibility, one out-of-state nursing home must pay a significant fine following two falling accidents.

Woman awarded $4 million in medical malpractice lawsuit

When an elderly loved one is placed in a hospital or long term care facility in Pennsylvania, the only option some family members have is to trust that health care providers will meet the needs of their patients. While this is usually the case, some professionals may overlook important orders regarding a patient's care, resulting in serious harm. Unfortunately, one out-of-state woman claims that such medical malpractice ultimately led to her father's death.

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