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August 2016 Archives

Lawsuit alleges medical malpractice caused amputations

When most people in Pennsylvania visit an urgent care center, they likely have relatively minor ailments that are easily treated. However, personnel at these facilities must be able to recognize the signs of more serious conditions in order to prevent further harm. One medical malpractice lawsuit claims that because medical care professionals failed to adequately diagnose a woman's condition, she suffered amputations due to flesh-eating bacteria.

Nursing home victims suffer emotional abuse from employees

Scandalous reports continue to emerge in Pennsylvania and other states regarding the alleged social media abuse perpetrated against patients by unethical nursing home employees. The owners of these institutions are responsible for the actions of their employees or agents performed while acting within the scope of their employment. It is unthinkable and intolerable for institutions to fail to discover and eradicate social media emotional abuse and harassment of helpless elderly patients.  

4 nurses charged in alleged nursing home neglect case

Many families in Pennsylvania have faced the difficult decision of finding an appropriate setting to ensure that their loved one's needs are met. For many, this may result in a placement in a nursing home. While these families place their trust in the facility and its employees to provide appropriate care, residents can become victims of nursing home neglect. In fact, four employees at an out-of-state facility were recently arrested and charged for the alleged neglect of a resident in their care.

Couple awarded over $4 million in case of misdiagnosis

Many conditions require a timely diagnosis and treatment in order to successfully treat them. Unfortunately, a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis can often have serious consequences for those in Pennsylvania. In fact, a recent out-of-state case resulted in paralysis after a doctor's failure to adequately diagnose a man's condition.  

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