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September 2016 Archives

Test for new benefit for vets with post-traumatic stress disorder

When a person returns from war, the physical injuries he or she suffers are often visible. Unfortunately, many veterans suffer psychological harm -- invisible to the eye -- as a result of their war experiences. Some in Pennsylvania suffer so severely from post-traumatic stress disorder, for example, that they are unable to leave their homes. A new pilot program is seeking to better understand how service dogs may be able to help veterans suffering in such a manner.

Wells Fargo banking scandal takes advantage of ordinary customers

Americans have been negatively affected by a number of banking scandals in recent years. But the most recent scandal involving Wells Fargo bank has shocked the public on an unprecedented level because of the direct and blatant manner in which the bank allegedly defrauded and stole from its customers.

Medical malpractice caused woman's death, lawsuit filed

For many people in Pennsylvania, the decision to seek treatment at a hospital's emergency room only arises from the desperation created by unbearable pain. These patients have hope that doctors will be able to diagnose the cause of their pain and provide appropriate care. Unfortunately, an oversight on the part of medical care officials can have severe consequences. A recent lawsuit, filed in another state, claims to illustrate the harm that medical malpractice can cause.

Robert Peirce & Associates attorney Bob Daley wins national advocacy award

The Pound Civil Justice Institute has awarded attorney Robert Daley the Appellate Advocacy Award, which recognizes attorneys who were instrumental in securing a final appellate court decision that positively affected universal citizens' rights. Daley is a partner at Robert Peirce & Associates.

Asking employees to work "off the clock" is illegal wage theft

By law, workers are entitled to time-and-a-half overtime pay for working more than 40 hours in a week. But many employers don't want to pay overtime wages, and will do everything they can to avoid it, even if their methods are illegal.

Nursing home abuse: Woman dies after attack

When families in Pennsylvania make the decision to place a loved one in an elder care facility, they do so trusting that the facility and its employees will protect the safety and well-being of their family member.  Most nursing homes fulfill this responsibility, but in some instances, residents suffer from nursing home abuse, either at the hands of employees at the facility or from other residents as a result of attacks from which employees fail to protect victims. One out-of-state family claims that their loved one died as a result of a sustained attack at the hands of another resident with a history of violence.

Family awarded nearly $20 million in medical malpractice lawsuit

Mistakes that are made in the medical profession in Pennsylvania often spark changes in procedures. For example, if a patient is injured when a medical care professional attempts to move him or her, a hospital may require that additional personnel assist with such an act in the future. Unfortunately, the patient who experienced the mistake may face serious consequences as a result. A result lawsuit filed in another state claims that medical malpractice caused a patient's brain damage.

Felony charges following allegations of nursing home abuse

Nursing home facilities in Pennsylvania have important responsibilities to their residents. In addition to ensuring that their medical needs are met, the facilities must ensure that staff are truly acting in the best interests of the patients. Unfortunately, an employee of a special care facility in another state now faces criminal charges arising from allegations of nursing home abuse.

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