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Nursing Home Abuse Archives

Pennsylvania care corporation investigated for nursing home abuse

A recent incident in a skilled care facility has led to questions about consent and dementia. An incident in a nursing home involving sexual contact between a male resident and a female resident with dementia was reported. The corporate owner of the nursing home chain, located in Pennsylvania, moved to close the out-of-state home in the wake of the nursing home abuse allegations. 

Emergency preparedness can prevent dehydration in nursing homes

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to motivate large institutions to change. The recent events in which several nursing home residents died after Hurricane Irma have federal lawmakers ready to expand rules about backup power sources in these facilities. Pennsylvania nursing homes will not have to ensure that the emergency plan maintains a backup power supply in case of emergency. In the event of a loss of power during a heat wave, nursing home residents are vulnerable to dehydration and heatstroke. 

Pennsylvania ranks ninth in nursing home abuse ER visits

A recent investigation by the Health and Human Services inspector general's office revealed some sobering facts about senior care and reporting issues in the country. The government audit revealed that some incidents of possible nursing home abuse were not being immediately reported to law enforcement, as required by a federal law. The investigators fault Medicare for not enforcing the existing law. Pennsylvania ranked ninth in the study for number of emergency room visits due to suspected abuse. 

Nursing home abuse reported in Pennsylvania facility

Families are encouraged to look for any red flags, and caregivers are expected to report harms committed against vulnerable elderly. Nursing home abuse is a widespread concern for individuals and families across the region. A recent news story tells about some Pennsylvania nursing home staff who are facing charges for abusing residents under their care. 

Nanny cameras may help prevent nursing home abuse

Worries about what goes on behind closed doors in residential care facilities may keep families up at night. A neighboring state has taken steps to help alleviate some concerns over nursing home abuse. If it proves successful, perhaps Pennsylvania will consider a similar program.

CNN investigation reveals disturbing nursing home abuse cases

Seeking long-term care for an aging or ill loved one can be a difficult, but necessary, task and the majority of these decisions are made after much consideration as to which facility will provide the best care. Unfortunately, even the most careful deliberation may not uncover all nursing home abuse allegations. A recent report may help Pennsylvania residents who may be researching options for their own loved ones.

Former employee sentenced in nursing home abuse case

Many families select a nursing home for their older loved ones based on the belief that those family members will be well-cared for by the staff. Nursing home abuse may be the farthest thing from their minds. Pennsylvania families may benefit from learning more about the outcome of one such incident in a neighboring state.

Resident claims she was victim of nursing home abuse

As beloved family members age and start to develop health problems, many family members seek help in taking care of them. Nursing and assisted living facilities are often entrusted to provide this care. However, there are instances when this trust is violated and a resident falls victim to nursing home abuse. Families who have loved ones in these facilities in Pennsylvania may be interested in a report of alleged abuse in one facility.

Nursing home abuse a widespread problem

It is estimated that more than three million seniors live in some type of nursing home in the United States. What many may not know is it is estimated that approximately 16 percent of those seniors will fall victim to nursing home abuse. Pennsylvania families may benefit from learning more about this serious issue before seeking such care for their loved ones.

Federal changes impact paths to resolution in nursing home abuse

Those in Pennsylvania who must decide whether to place their loved one in a nursing home often agonize over the decision. Once made, they still have to worry about whether their loved one's needs are being met and that protections from nursing home abuse are provided. In the past, some victims of such abuse may have been denied the opportunity to seek justice in a civil court. Recent changes in federal regulations may help these victims and their families seek justice.

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