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Nursing Home Neglect Archives

Suspected nursing home neglect leads to federal lawsuit

Families turn to those companies that offer experienced and compassionate care when looking for suitable placement for elderly or disabled loved ones. When a facility then permits alleged nursing home neglect to occur, it not only violates the trust of families, but may also result in a federal lawsuit in some circumstances. Pennsylvania residents do have resources to turn to if they suspect a loved one has suffered harm while receiving care at these facilities.

Nursing home neglect is still a problem in Pennsylvania

Nursing home abuse and neglect continues to be a problem in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation. The precise causes of nursing home neglect are still unknown, but lack of training and supervision stand at the top of the list. The qualifications for working in that kind of institution are not as rigorous as for a nursing staff in a hospital.

Nursing home neglect lawsuit settled before going to trial

Most employees at nursing home facilities in Pennsylvania are committed to protecting the overall well-being of their patients. Unfortunately, even their best efforts may not be enough if there is not a sufficient number of staff members working to assist patients. As a result, patients across the country suffer from nursing home neglect.

Lawsuit filed in response to alleged nursing home neglect

Being a caretaker for a person with Alzheimer's or dementia can be emotionally and physically taxing. Many families in Pennsylvania feel unequipped to provide adequate care and, as a result, seek a qualified nursing home with the understanding that trained medical staff will meet the needs of their loved ones. Unfortunately, a family in another state claims in a recently filed lawsuit that their mother suffered from nursing home neglect.

4 nurses charged in alleged nursing home neglect case

Many families in Pennsylvania have faced the difficult decision of finding an appropriate setting to ensure that their loved one's needs are met. For many, this may result in a placement in a nursing home. While these families place their trust in the facility and its employees to provide appropriate care, residents can become victims of nursing home neglect. In fact, four employees at an out-of-state facility were recently arrested and charged for the alleged neglect of a resident in their care.

Family claims man died as a result of preventable bed sores

When an older family member becomes ill, families often have no other choice than to rely on help from facilities such as nursing homes. Unfortunately, many families in Pennsylvania have experienced harm to their loved one as a result of nursing home neglect. As a result, the families of these victims often choose to seek recompense in a civil court. One out-of-state family has chosen to take such action, claiming that their 87-year-old family member died as a result of bed sores.

Lawsuit alleges nursing home neglect caused woman's death

There are many long-term care facilities in Pennsylvania and across the country that provide excellent care to their patients. Unfortunately, there are also those who are guilty of nursing home neglect. Such negligence can have serious consequences for patients, sometimes even resulting in deaths. In fact, one out-of-state man claims that negligence resulted in his wife's death.

Nursing home fined following two falling accidents

Nursing homes in Pennsylvania and across the country have a responsibility to protect the residents who live there. In addition to providing appropriate medical care -- or to send them to the hospital if the care required is beyond their capabilities -- they are also responsible for keeping them safe from falls, for example. Because they have this responsibility, one out-of-state nursing home must pay a significant fine following two falling accidents.

Court closes facility due to nursing home neglect

Many families in Pennsylvania have elderly loved ones that require a great deal of medical care. While these families want nothing more than to provide this care themselves, in their homes, they often find themselves unable to meet their loved ones' needs. As a result, they make the difficult decisions to place their family members in nursing homes. While they expect their loved ones will receive quality care, many end up being victims of nursing home neglect. Patients in one out-of-state facility will be moved after the government decided to stop Medicaid and Medicare payments due to neglect.

Nursing home faces 2 nursing home neglect lawsuits

When nursing homes fail to exercise a reasonable degree of care in Pennsylvania, the homes' residents may end up suffering health-wise as a result. One nursing home in a different state was recently accused of not delivering proper care to its residents. Two lawsuits related to nursing home neglect have thus been filed against the facility.

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