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Veterans who get SSDI can expect payment increases next year

Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, is helpful for those who can't go back to work due to incapacitating injuries or illnesses in Pennsylvania. Veterans who receive SSDI benefits may particularly be pleased to learn that they will receive a new cost-of-living boost starting in December. This increase comes after Congress sent legislation to U.S. President Obama regarding it.

The cost increase will affect millions of recipients who have fought in the military, along with their dependents. The congressional bill doesn't establish the benefit increase that veterans can expect. However, it does require that the increase equal the inflation-related increase slated for recipients of Social Security next year. The U.S. government plans to calculate this particular Social Security boost in the month of October.

The upcoming increase for cost-of-living will cover not only disability compensation but also clothing allowances given to some veterans who are disabled in the United States. In addition, it will cover compensation for certain surviving children and spouses, such as payments for dependency and indemnity. Over four million individuals in the United States currently get disability payments.

For many other types of federal benefits, inflammation adjustments happen automatically. However, this doesn't happen for veterans' benefits, which is why Congress had to take action on the matter. SSDI can be immensely helpful for both veterans and civilians who need financial support long-term due to being unable to work. Unfortunately, sometimes people's disability claims are denied. These individuals have the right to fight for the benefits they are entitled to in Pennsylvania.