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If You or a Loved One Was Injured by a Defective or Malfunctioning Medical Device, You Could Be Able to Receive Compensation

Medical technology advances have helped us fight back against conditions like diabetes and heart disease that at one point could cause serious illness or even death. Many lives have been saved by medications and other devices that can counteract the dangerous symptoms.

When these devices don’t work (or don’t work as expected), the patients who rely on them are likely to suffer. Defective medical devices put patients at risk and can further exacerbate the illness that they were being treated for. If you've endured harm because of a defective medical device, you deserve a high-quality, compassionate attorney who has a proven success record with these types of cases. Our team of Pittsburgh lawyers represents clients who have dealt with serious consequences as a result of faulty medical equipment, including mounting medical and hospital bills, physical pain, income loss, and a need for long-term care.

At Robert Peirce & Associates, P.C., we pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients, and on giving tailored, personalized attention to each and every case. We also understand you might be in a time-sensitive situation, which is why we strive to work as quickly as possible. If you're ready to see what your options are, we can get you started by assessing your case.

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How Defective Medical Devices Endanger Patients

Design and/or equipment failures in medical devices are not uncommon and can pose a serious threat to patients. Everything from surgical instruments to prosthetics to implantable devices and beyond can have severe side effects that manufacturers may fail to note or even fraudulently conceal from consumers. Those who are injured by these unexpected complications often need much more care than they expected—and more than they would need had they gone with a different device or even foregone treatment altogether.

At Robert Peirce & Associates, P.C., we have helped clients who have been harmed by the following defective medical devices:

If you have been injured by these or other devices that have been subject to recent scrutiny—like pacemakers or insulin pumps—our attorneys can help you explore your legal options for compensation.

Recent Medical Device Errors and Recalls

The number of medical device recalls has been trending upward over the past few years, signaling that more defective devices are making it to the market. One reason behind this could be the increasing presence of “smart” or other technologically driven medical devices on the market that are later found to have software flaws. The more complex a device gets, the more difficult it is to fully test during development. Some companies have released groundbreaking products only to discover cybersecurity weaknesses that could be exploited to hurt patients. Those who wanted the newest and best in care might find themselves at more danger than peers using older but proven devices.

How Do Recalls Work for Defective Medical Devices?

When the FDA spots a problem with a medical device, either through consumer complaints or their own, they may request a recall. Not all recalls are equally urgent; in some cases, consumers are just advised to check their device for a problem. In others, companies may want to issue a small correction to the labeling or recommendations for use. In more dangerous cases, devices are removed from the market and current users may be either monitored for side effects or advised to use a different treatment.

Does a Recall Affect My Lawsuit?

A device recall may provide useful evidence for your lawsuit, but you are still responsible for proving the product you used was defective and its defects caused direct harm. Depending on the circumstances, manufacturers may try to use a recall announcement to dodge liability claims. Whether a recall removes a product from the market or issues a warning, it is not incontrovertible evidence for either party in a courtroom. A lawyer can help you determine how best to use the recall and other evidence in your case.

Are You Looking for Compensation After a Medical Device Injury?

Both a patient and their family may face difficulties caused by a defective medical device. Extra medical costs may be hard to bear, especially if missed work affects a family’s income. That’s not to mention the pain someone may go through if a device malfunction disrupts their treatment or leads to complications. A lawsuit could help you recover costs like these if you’ve been put in this situation.

Should I Join a Class Action Suit?

Often a group of wronged consumers will band together to bring a lawsuit against the manufacturer of a defective drug or medical device. Class action lawsuits can be a great way for many people to ask for justice at once. However, especially in medical product liability cases, they are not always the best way for you to be compensated.

Class actions assume most of the plaintiffs suffered the same damages and therefore deserve the same amount of recompense. When it comes to medicine, plaintiffs who are injured by the same drug may face a variety of symptoms and have different care needs according to individual and environmental factors. Even if others are already suing the same company over the same product, joining their suit may result in you being under-compensated. Before adding your name to a class action, even if a strong one already exists, you should sit down with an attorney to determine whether it can give you the justice you deserve.

Find the Approach that’s Best for You

If you have suffered because of a defective medical device, you should seek the counsel of a qualified defective medical device attorney who will seek compensation for your expenses and pain and suffering. With over 40 years representing clients in and around Pittsburgh, we’ve earned the community’s trust when it comes to difficult cases regarding your health. Come see us today for a free, no-obligation consultation if you’re considering a defective medical device lawsuit.

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  • Wrongful Death $300,000

    A 47-year-old and disabled man died as a result of the nursing home’s inability to properly care for and treat his diabetes.

  • Wrongful Death $237,500

    Due to lack of care and lack of attention by the home’s nursing staff, our client bled to death on the floor of his room at the facility - when his dialysis catheter was pulled from his body.

  • Wrongful Death $220,000

    Represented estate of a nursing home resident whose neck became lodged in the side rails of his bed, thereby asphyxiating him to death.


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