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Pursuing surgical error claims in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh residents rely on their surgeons to make sound medical decisions on their behalf. Fortunately, in most cases, our surgeons do an excellent job taking care of our medical needs, properly diagnosing medical conditions, successfully performing surgeries and prescribing appropriate medical treatments. However, in rare circumstances, a doctor may fail his or her client and make a tragic surgical error.

Numerous people suffer injuries due to surgical errors every year in the United States. These individuals may have to pay for costly medical procedures to correct those errors. They may also suffer from severe pain, discomfort, lost ability to work and lost quality of life, as a result of those errors.

At Robert Peirce & Associates, we have handled numerous varieties of surgical error cases. We have seen cases that looked like medical negligence or surgical errors on the surface but later turned out not to be. Similarly, we have seen cases that did not appear to be a surgical error, but upon closer examination turned out to be some of the worst variety of such errors.

Pittsburgh residents pay so much money for medical services that they may find it difficult to comprehend the poor level of services they received. If you or your loved one has suffered an injury because of a negligent doctor, you may wish to investigate the strength and viability of pursuing a medical negligence claim in civil court. When more and more surgeons are held accountable for surgical errors, it tends to make a difference by promoting new legislation and stricter standards for surgeons. It can also send a warning to medical facilities and physicians that victims of a surgical error will not simply take this kind of treatment on the chin.

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