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Man sues nursing home after allegedly suffering pressure ulcers

When people feel as though they have been mistreated in nursing homes, they have the right to take legal action against these facilities in Pennsylvania. One man in a recent out-of-state case said the nursing home at which he had stayed caused him to suffer pressure ulcers while he was there. He has therefore sued the nursing home, alleging nursing home neglect.

The man said he was a resident at the nursing home for more than four months in 2013. He said the center had a duty to keep pressure ulcers from developing as well as deteriorating on the man. According to the lawsuit, the facility simply needed to periodically turn him and inspect his body.

The nursing home, however, is accused of being neglectful in its care of the man. The man said he ended up developing pressure ulcers, and these ulcers kept deteriorating. As a result of the alleged lack of care, the man said he experienced pain and suffering as well as the loss of dignity. He said he also accumulated medical expenses as a result of the nursing home's lack of care.

The man is seeking damages totaling over $200,000 in his lawsuit against the nursing home. When a nursing home resident believes that he or she developed pressure ulcers as a result of the facility's negligence, it is within his or her rights to file a lawsuit against the organization. Liability has to be established by competent proof before a Pennsylvania civil court will decide the plaintiff's damage claims.

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