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Freelance Tow Truck Drivers in Pittsburgh

After a Pittsburgh car accident , the first responders on the scene are often not driving police cars or ambulances. They're driving tow trucks, looking for business from the drivers of the vehicles that crashed moments earlier.

WTAE TV reports that stunned drivers are often besieged by a horde of tow truck drivers descending on the scene of the accident before police or paramedics arrive.

The tow truck operators listen to police scanners for reports of collisions that have just taken place.

Often in a state of shock after a violent crash, bewildered drivers can quickly be convinced by aggressive tow truck drivers to allow them to tow their cars, sometimes at astronomical rates.

Steps to Follow After a Car Crash

Because it can sometimes be difficult to think clearly in the aftermath of an accident, it's good to understand beforehand the steps drivers should take if they're involved in a collision with another car, SUV, truck or motorcycle in the Pittsburgh metro area.

  • Stay calm and check yourself, your passengers and occupants of the other vehicle for injuries. If anyone appears to be in distress, call an ambulance.
  • Exchange insurance and contact information with the other driver. Be polite. Do not discuss with the driver who was at fault for the crash.
  • Call the police. Give the police the information they request, but do not state who is at fault for the crash.
  • If you have AAA, use the tow truck the service provides you. If you don't have AAA or a similar service, and you are so inclined, ask the tow truck drivers on the scene for their prices so that you make an informed choice.
  • Contact your insurance company, but do not agree to any settlement before you've had a chance to step back and fully assess your situation.
  • If there has been an injury, contact a Pittsburgh car accident attorney.

Costs and Compensation

After a motor vehicle accident involving injuries or deaths, the last thing people want to do is argue and fight with insurance companies over claims, medical bills, property damage, and other costs and compensation.

Contact a Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer to help you understand your legal options and the best ways to protect yourself and your interests.

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