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Speeding still a problem, new survey finds

Public safety campaigns regarding traffic and pedestrian safety have recently focused on the very real dangers distracted driving and driving under the influence pose. It is true that distracted driving is a new and dangerous phenomenon. Some drivers, especially teens, do not realize the extent of the danger of texting and talking while driving. Drunk driving fatalities and accidents take a heavy and needless toll on families, and law enforcement and safety advocates constantly warn of its danger. However, one persistent danger on the nation's roads has been less in the public's eye of late, but remains a prevalent danger: speeding.

A new survey by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that half of all drivers believed speeding poses a danger to the nation's roads. One in five surveyed admitted that they drive as fast as they can to where they're going, regardless of the posted sign limit. Nearly three-fourths of drivers admit to speeding occasionally, while 30 percent claim to speed "all the time." This is despite the fact that the vast majority of those surveyed believe that driving at or near the speed limit reduces the risk of accident and injury.

Speeding takes 10,000 lives every year, nearly one-third of all traffic fatalities in the U.S. Age plays a factor in who is most likely to speed, as does gender. Males age 16-20 are most likely to admit to speeding, with 11 percent of drivers in that age group across gender reporting being in a speed-related crash in recent years. Across all age groups that rate was 4 percent. The NHTSA is focusing on safe teen driving. Its "5 to Drive" campaign highlights safe driving practices with regards to speeding, texting while driving, no extra passengers, no drug or alcohol use and always wearing a seatbelt.

Overall, car accidents have been down in recent years, and traffic fatalities have hovered at all-time lows over the past several years. However, for the first time in several years traffic fatalities increased, according to NHTSA data. While driving and riding on today's roads is as safe as it has ever been, common causes of accidents, including speeding, mean that being in an accident can be as deadly as it has ever been.

People injured in an accident due to the negligence of another do have legal options to help with medical bills and lost wages. Injured victims should speak to an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss their situation and options moving forward.

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