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Medical malpractice allegedly led to woman's death

If a medical facility in Pennsylvania is negligent in how they treat a patient and ends up causing the patient to die, the patient's surviving family members have the right to seek to hold this facility accountable. The family members of one woman who passed away in another state after having three seizures has decided to sue the hospital that first saw her for treatment. In the medical malpractice lawsuit, the family accused the hospital along with a neurologist and emergency room doctor of medical malpractice.

The family said the woman had a seizure in her home one morning. Her husband dialed 911, and an ambulance took her to a hospital. At the medical facility, she had a CT scan completed on her, and the scan revealed bleeding on the woman's brain.

According to the complaint, doctors at the facility said she had a migraine caused by stress related to work and that she was also suffering from a sinus infection. The woman was then sent home. However, the woman ended up suffering another seizure that day, and while she was on her way to a different medical facility, she had yet another seizure. That is when she became brain-dead; she was removed from life support the very next day.

The family, claiming that the doctors at the first hospital committed many medical errors, is pursuing damages totaling more than a million dollars in the lawsuit. Whenever someone loses a loved one in Pennsylvania due to hospital negligence, he or she has the legal right to file a medical malpractice claim against the facility, seeking monetary damages. Although the awarded money may not bring back a family's deceased loved one, it may help to address the pain and suffering caused by the incident.

Source: CBS Dallas-Fort Worth, "Family Of Fort Worth Mom Sues Hospital For Medical Malpractice", Jennifer Lindgren, July 6, 2015

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