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Resident claims she was victim of nursing home abuse

As beloved family members age and start to develop health problems, many family members seek help in taking care of them. Nursing and assisted living facilities are often entrusted to provide this care. However, there are instances when this trust is violated and a resident falls victim to nursing home abuse. Families who have loved ones in these facilities in Pennsylvania may be interested in a report of alleged abuse in one facility.

According to the civil suit that was filed, an 84-year-old woman was allegedly restrained in her wheelchair for several hours. The resident apparently has some cognitive difficulties and relies on staff to tend to personal needs. It is unclear whether this impairment led two nursing staff members to allegedly tie the woman to her wheelchair and then purportedly administer a narcotic sedation medication.

According to the report, the resident was then left in her room all night. A staff member discovered the woman in the morning, still tied to her chair. The staff member then allegedly sought permission to remove the restraints and help clean up the elderly woman. Supposedly, the nurse was denied the right to release the patient. The woman's daughter was later contacted anonymously, and it was suggested to her that she check up on her loved one.

While the nursing facility has denied that the incident ever happened, administrators did apparently fire two nurses for purportedly speaking out about the alleged abuse. The senior staff also apparently held a workshop for two unnamed nurses on proper restraint techniques when circumstances require it. The woman and her daughter have exercised their rights to file a civil lawsuit against the care providers whom they say are guilty of nursing home abuse. Pennsylvania families who are concerned about the care that their loved ones have received in one of these facilities may decide to consult with an attorney in order to see if there are grounds to file a similar suit.

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