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How to Report Nursing Home Abuse

an older woman in a hospital bedNursing home abuse is vastly underreported. In fact, the National Research Council estimates that only one in 14 cases of elder abuse gets reported in the United States. And, according to the Associated Press, there were approximately 6,600 cases of nursing home abuse that went unreported in 2016.

Nursing home abuse and neglect are underreported for various reasons, including an elderly person’s inability to communicate the abuse, or threats and intimidation from a caretaker.

Therefore, it’s important for family members to know how to report nursing home abuse and neglect themselves so they can help their loved ones spend the remainder of their lives in peace and dignity.

Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

There are several telltale signs of nursing home abuse, including the following:

  • Physical abuse: Warning signs of physical abuse include unexplained broken bones or bruises, broken eyeglasses, and more.
  • Emotional abuse: Warning signs of emotional abuse include withdrawal, regressive behaviors, and more.
  • Sexual abuse: Warning signs of sexual abuse include unexplained STDs, ripped underwear, and more.
  • Financial abuse: Warning signs of financial abuse include unexplained ATM withdrawals, unusual subscription sign-ups, and more.

Who to Contact

There are several parties that you can contact if you suspect or witness nursing home abuse, including the following:

  • Local police or law enforcement
  • The State Department of Health Complaint Line
  • Long-term care ombudsmen
  • Nursing home administrators
  • An experienced Nursing Home Attorney

It’s a good idea to have evidence in hand when reporting abuse in order to support your claim. This might include notes of residents’ behavior, photos or videos of injuries, and statements from residents.

Do You Still Suspect Abuse? Contact Us Today

If you have reported or if you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect, our Pittsburgh personal injury attorneys are here to help you seek justice. Our team can launch an investigation and help you hold those responsible liable for their actions.

Contact Robert Peirce & Associates, P.C. today at (844) 383-0565 to schedule a free consultation.

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