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3 Ways Employers Can Protect Workers on the Job

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to provide workers with a safe, hazard-free environment. This involves the implementation of prevention and mitigation efforts to identify and remove hazards as soon as possible. Below, we discuss three ways employers can fulfill this responsibility and protect workers on the job.

#1. Provide Training in Required Languages

Employers must adequately train all employees, particularly in dangerous industries, such as construction, logging, fishing, and more. Additionally, training materials must be provided in multiple languages, if necessary. This may involve hiring bilingual instructors or printing training materials in multiple languages.

#2. Install Clear Signage

Sometimes, the fastest and easiest way to identify hazards on a job site is to look at a sign with clear symbols that denote the danger, rather than read a sign with many words on it. This plays into the previous requirement to provide training materials in written languages; signage with clear, universal symbols is more likely to be understood by everyone on the job site, regardless of their proficient language.

#3. Provide an Easy Way to Report Hazards

Every job site should have a simple, efficient way for workers to report hazards. It may be beneficial for this reporting system to be anonymous so workers are not intimidated from reporting any and all hazards. Management should review these reports daily and respond to hazards as soon as possible in order to protect workers. Sometimes, a hazard cannot be removed immediately. In this case, management should demarcate the area with clear signage so workers can avoid the area.

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