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Man who must get penis amputated files nursing home neglect suit

One nursing home's negligence in Pennsylvania can end up costing a resident his or her ability to lead a normal, fulfilling life. One man in a recent out-of-state case said one nursing home was negligent with regard to his catheter problems, which ultimately led to the man's penis amputation. The man has thus filed a nursing home neglect suit against the facility.

The man, 60, said he went to the nursing home in 2013 in order to recover from his kidney infection. However, the man began to develop pain as well as bleeding in the catheter area. He reported that although he complained, the facility's staff did not address the man's complaints until he discharged himself 25 days after arriving at the facility.

When the man left the nursing home, he went to a hospital for medical treatment. There, physicians diagnosed him as having gangrene as well as sepsis that was so serious it required the surgical removal of his penis. The man in his lawsuit said that gross negligence concerning his catheter problems resulted in the amputation. The parent company of the nursing home, however, said it was dedicated to providing a high level of care to patients.

As part of his lawsuit, the man is pursing $6 million in damages for pain and suffering as well as $2 million in damages for lost wages. Meanwhile, the man's wife is pursuing an extra $1 million for her husband's companionship, assistance, affection and society. If nursing home professionals do not exercise a reasonable degree of care when working with residents, the resident has the right to file a nursing home neglect suit in an effort to hold the nursing home accountable in Pennsylvania.

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