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4 nurses charged in alleged nursing home neglect case

Many families in Pennsylvania have faced the difficult decision of finding an appropriate setting to ensure that their loved one's needs are met. For many, this may result in a placement in a nursing home. While these families place their trust in the facility and its employees to provide appropriate care, residents can become victims of nursing home neglect. In fact, four employees at an out-of-state facility were recently arrested and charged for the alleged neglect of a resident in their care.

The case involves a 94-year-old woman. Prosecutors claim that over a 41-hour-period over Memorial Day weekend, the woman was placed in a recliner. During that time, she allegedly received care that was described as substandard. She reportedly only received her medications once, one meal and one brief change for incontinence during that time.

At the end of the period, she was moved back to her room. At that time, a pressure sore was discovered. Four nurses, ranging in age from 29 to 54 have been charged with a variety of felony charges, including violating health laws. All four have since been released.

Unfortunately, the consequences of nursing home neglect are often significant. For example, an infected bed sore can have a severe impact on a resident's overall health. For victims of neglect and their families in Pennsylvania, there are paths to legal recourse. A successfully presented civil lawsuit can prompt nursing home facilities to initiate change that will ensure that others are protected from similar actions in addition to resulting in monetary compensation that will help a plaintiff cope with the financial consequences stemming from neglect, including funeral expenses and medical costs when applicable.

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