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Nursing home faces 2 nursing home neglect lawsuits

When nursing homes fail to exercise a reasonable degree of care in Pennsylvania, the homes' residents may end up suffering health-wise as a result. One nursing home in a different state was recently accused of not delivering proper care to its residents. Two lawsuits related to nursing home neglect have thus been filed against the facility.

One lawsuit was filed against the facility alleging that a woman passed away because of neglect after suffering at the nursing home. According to the suit, the woman's health quickly deteriorated beyond what would be considered normal in the aging process. The woman, for instance, is said to have suffered from injuries to her skin, sepsis, poor hygiene, dehydration and infections. The plaintiff said the facility developed staffing levels without taking into consideration the patients' acuity levels or the time required to perform important functions for the woman.

One other complaint was filed alleging that the facility staff did not fulfill their duty to care for a man at the home. The man reportedly suffered from different conditions, including a MRSA infection as well as poor hygiene. He is also said to have developed an abscess on the lower part of the body. Based on the complaint, he also suffered disability, mental anguish and degradation due to the facility's neglect.

Both nursing home neglect lawsuits seek unspecified punitive and compensatory damages for pain and suffering, hospitalizations and medical costs. The first complaint, a wrongful death lawsuit, also seeks damages for funeral costs, the loss of life and grief that the statutory beneficiaries suffered. In these types of cases in Pennsylvania, liability has to be established in a manner that satisfies the civil courts hearing the cases before claim damages will be decided.

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