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Guitar player claims delayed diagnosis led to inoperable cancer

Cancer is a scary diagnosis. Although advancements in treatment have improved over the last several decades, most people would agree that the earlier cancer is discovered and treated, the better. Unfortunately, one man, a guitarist in Pennsylvania, claims that the delayed diagnosis of his cancer has led to inoperable cancer. Now, he is fighting to ensure that other people do not suffer similarly.

The man claims that he suffered a fall four years ago. At the time, testing for damaged ribs apparently revealed a 10 millimeter tumor on his lungs. Although the tumor was allegedly noted on the radiology reports, the man claims that he was never informed of it. He was not aware of its existence until it had grown significantly larger and spread to his brain. It is now inoperable.

Unfortunately, he is not the only person who has suffered as a result of a delayed diagnosis. Some reports indicate that approximately 12 million people are affected each year. Of these, over 30 percent suffer serious harm. Ten percent of these medical errors are said to be caused by communication errors. The guitarist is hoping to shed light on this form of medical malpractice by discussing his medical condition.

One Pennsylvania representative has been working for years to prevent patients from suffering from a delayed diagnosis due to the communication failures by the introduction of the Patient Test Results Information Act. While some doctors oppose the act, patients suffering as a result of such medical malpractice have avenues of justice. A medical malpractice lawsuit can not only result in an award of damages, but it can also ensure that healthcare providers are aware of such mistakes, potentially prompting changes in procedure that will prevent other patients from undergoing the same experience.

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