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Mother sues for alleged hospital negligence over missing remains

Whenever a patient seeks medical care, he or she likely places complete trust and confidence in the medical staff. However, there are situations that could result in a medical facility facing accusations of hospital negligence that caused the patient to suffer serious physical pain or emotional distress. Pennsylvania patients who have been a victim of this type of harm may also consider their legal options.

Three years ago, a woman suffered a miscarriage and delivered the pre-term child at a local hospital. The woman purportedly spent time with her deceased child and then expressed her desire to have the remains cremated. After she was informed that the hospital would require approximately 14 days to perform an autopsy, she then turned her child's remains over to the care of the staff.

The woman stated that she was not informed that she would have a limited number of days to make a decision as to where the remains were to be sent. Instead, when she contacted the staff concerning the matter about a week later, they informed her they could not locate the child's remains. After hearing that the staff's policy was to dispose of the remains in any manner it chooses after a period of time, the woman became distraught.

The judge who is presiding over this hospital negligence case has given the medical facility approximately three weeks to respond to the mother's query over what happened to her child. If the staff is unable to produce answers, then the judge will rule in the woman's favor. Pennsylvania residents who have suffered harm either through the actions or decisions made by medical providers are entitled to seek a financial remedy by means of filing a medical malpractice civil suit. An attorney who specializes in medical negligence law can provide information and guidance concerning the process.

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