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Delayed diagnosis alleged in Pennsylvania man's death

With serious ailments such as cancer, every day that the illness goes untreated means that the person is more likely to die. Early and aggressive treatment is the best way to ensure healing from serious cancers, and a delayed diagnosis can mean death. In a recent news story, a Pennsylvania woman, the executor of her husband's estate, is suing the Department of Veteran Affairs, alleging that insufficient measures were taken to diagnose the cancer that eventually killed him.

The man, a military veteran, died from pancreatic cancer. He had experienced abdominal pain and other medial issues that initially did not result in a cancer diagnosis. At a later time, and unfortunately too late for effective treatment, he was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer.

The estate of the man has filed lawsuit, with his wife as the executor. The woman alleges that the government agency failed to properly diagnose and treat her husband's cancer. She is suing for damages in excess of $75,000 plus court costs.

Losing a loved one to cancer is a heartbreaking event. Families who are left without their loved ones due to the possible negligence of medical professionals are entitled to seek damages for the harms incurred against their loved ones. A delayed diagnosis takes away precious time that could have been used to treat and hopefully heal a person with a fatal disease. Other Pennsylvania families who feel that they are victims of medical malpractice may choose to enlist the aid of an experienced lawyer who can help file a lawsuit and pursue awards for damages due to medical malpractice.

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