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Child disability a concern for Pennsylvania Easter Seals CEO

Children with special needs depend on care and support from the greater community. Currently, children who are born or who become disabled are entitled to support from the Medicaid program for help with paying for medical services. Medicaid funding can then go to programs like Easter Seals to help children in need. In a recent article, the CEO of Easter Seals talks about the types of services that are provided by Medicaid through Easter Seals in Pennsylvania, and shares her concerns about the future of the child disability program.

The Pennsylvania Easter Seals program serves approximately 2,300 children, over 2,000 of which receive all or part of their care from Medicaid. Medicaid makes it possible for those children and others like them to access health care and other essential services. Medicaid pays for early interventions such as physical, occupational and speech therapy.

In the article, the CEO expresses some fears about potential cuts to Medicaid and the devastating effect that it may possibly have on the ability of disabled children to receive needed funds. However, as the program stands right now, children who are born with or who become disabled are eligible to receive child disability payments to help offset the cost of their care. The money a child receives can help ensure that they live a life to their fullest potential.

The Easter Seals program is an important resource for disabled children. But all children who are disabled are entitled to child disability payments from Medicaid, even if they do not use services of Easter Seals. Parents or guardians of children in Pennsylvania may elect to use the services of a lawyer to assist them in making child disability claims. An experienced attorney can ensure that the child receives the maximum allowable amount of supports.

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