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Can You Recover Social Security After a Work Injury?

an injured worker with a bandaged knee

Did you know that many of the disabilities that individuals have in the United States are directly caused by work-related illnesses or injuries? While individual states may offer workers’ compensation programs for these work-related issues, it is also possible for people with lasting disabilities from the previous injury to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). At the same time, these individuals can draw from workers’ compensation in their state, such as Pennsylvania.

Workers’ Compensation & SSDI

In a typical workers’ compensation case, you only have to prove that an injury occurred while on the job and have some ongoing problem due to the incident. In most typical cases, individuals who qualify for workers’ compensation can eventually return to their jobs and complete everyday tasks. The process for applying for compensation does not involve Social Security in any way.

However, both workers’ compensation and SSDI can likely be drawn if there was a severe injury. While an individual may return to work in a workers’ comp case, those who qualify for SSDI must demonstrate that they cannot work in any capacity. Social Security must be involved in this process, asking questions to determine if you are eligible for SSDI.

Legal Course of Action

In the typical legal process, an injured individual will first apply for workers’ compensation THEN file for SSDI. During the application, you must notify Social Security that you are drawing benefits from state compensation. If you do not complete this, you commit fraud, so make sure to remember this step!

The Social Security Administration then takes into account the benefits you already receive and may reduce SSDI accordingly. However, this will not eliminate your benefits; you still receive appropriate compensation from the government if you qualify. Compensation reduction is determined by the number of funds you receive.

The Answer

So yes, you can draw SSDI from a work-related injury. However, this injury must be severe enough that you cannot return to work in any capacity. Furthermore, any SSDI you receive may also change due to any workers’ compensation that you draw upon. If you need help navigating this process, give Robert Peirce & Associates, P.C. a call today.

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