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How an Electronic Logging Device Can Be Used as Evidence in a Truck Crash

white commercial truck rear-ending a silver SUV

Trucking accidents hold catastrophic consequences for all involved—particularly victims in passenger vehicles. But when crashes occur in a matter of seconds, how can authorities determine whether the truck driver is at fault? Enter: electronic logging devices.

Electronic Logging Devices

Electronic logging devices, or ELDs, are federally mandated machines installed on many commercial trucks. These handy data collectors are designed to keep accurate driving records. Before ELDs’ implementation, trucking hours were tracked by hand. Unfortunately, this method fostered dishonesty. Drivers fudged the data to meet unrealistic delivery deadlines and violated federal hours-of-service regulations. ELDs ensure accurate records to keep drivers and their companies honest.

How ELDs Work

Once installed, ELDs synchronize to the vehicle’s engine and record vehicle parameters. The data ELDs track is stored automatically, making it impossible for drivers to tamper with the information collected. Additionally, ELDs’ standardized data is easily transferred to enforcement officers conducting roadside and compliance reviews—thus making it difficult for drivers to hide any discrepancies.

What They Track

ELDs are remarkable machines that track several factors of the vehicle. Some examples are:

  • Total drive time: ELDs record a truck’s time on the road and indicate whether it’s surpassed mandated hours.
  • Mileage: ELDs monitor how many miles were driven within a 24-hour period, ensuring drivers stay within the appropriate range.
  • Idling: ELDs keep track of how long a truck has been idle, indicating whether proper off-duty periods were taken.
  • Vehicle behavior: Many ELDs keep records of unsafe driving maneuvers, such as hard braking, swerving, and speeding.

Compiling Evidence

With forgery-resistant data, ELDs are key pieces of evidence in trucking accidents. These devices can verify if a driver surpassed federal limits for driving time or made any sudden maneuvers leading up to the accident. If both cases are true, there’s a high chance drowsy driving was the culprit.

Truck Accident Lawyers

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