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Woman who suffers stroke files medical malpractice lawsuit

One careless act by a doctor can cause debilitating harm to a patient in Pennsylvania. An individual in a recent out-of-state case said she recently experienced this at a hospital. She has thus sued the hospital as well as a physician there, alleging that medical malpractice on their part caused her to suffer a stroke.

The woman said she was a patient the hospital and was receiving treatment by the doctor. She said the doctor and the hospital were negligent because they failed to diagnose as well as treat her hypoglycemia in a timely fashion. They also allegedly failed to order laboratory tests necessary to determine the reason for her mental and physical status changes while she was admitted to the hospital.

The doctor and medical facility are also blamed for not determining the cause of the woman's stroke in a timely manner. The woman said this was necessary in order for them to treat her stroke's underlying causes well as prevent additional injury. She claimed that her stroke went untreated for multiple hours as a result of their actions.

As part of her medical malpractice suit, the woman is seeking over $50,000 in damages plus suit-related costs. If the condition of a patient is not appropriately assessed by medical professionals and this causes the patient to suffer, the victim has the right to file a lawsuit for compensatory damages. This type of legal case in Pennsylvania can be victoriously litigated if liability is established via competent proof accepted by the court hearing the case.

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